Ballrooms as the Space that Emanates History of Times and Traditions

Ballrooms are the room name which literally means a dance room. The word “ball” is taken from Latin which means to dance or dance, and the “room” comes from English word. As the name implies, this room is used for official events involving the tradition of dancing in it. This word refers to a large room without a partition, soundproof walls, with floors of certain materials, made in such a way as to support the event being held.

Fir your information, the formal activities that use this special room began to be held in the late 18th and 19th centuries. At that time, only nobles could use this room called ball. Starting in 20th century, middle class people got the right to accept invitations to attend big events at the ball. Since then, the function of ballrooms has become more extensive than just holding royal events. Moreover, various kinds of ceremonies and traditions began to be held in this room.

Moreover, it is also usually equipped with glass or crystal lights on the ceiling. Sometimes at the front portion of the room, there is a spot meant to be used by musicians and master of ceremonies. Guest chairs and tables are generally spread around the room or grouped in certain spots. The purpose of this action is to create a large space in the middle which is then better known as the dance floor. On this floor, various kinds of dance are performed.

At the very moment, there are so many rooms scattered like this throughout the world. The use is still inseparable from the initial purpose of its development, namely to hold events with shades of dance and traditional ceremonies. However, unlike before, the ballrooms are now being used more freely by all kinds of people in the world.

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