Bar Stools as the Identity of the Bar Itself

A bar will not be complete if there is no bar stool. Bar stools are high chairs placed opposite the bar. Imagine the bar without this thing. It feels incomplete, right? The stool is one component that makes this place a bar. If it is not there, it feels like we are not inside the bar. Therefore, it can be said that the stool has become the identity of the bar itself.


Why is the stool so vital, especially in a bar? Actually, this has been applied from ancient times, since the first simple bars appeared in America. The majority of visitors at that time were travelers. Wanderers do not have time to sit in chairs. In addition, they are already familiar with the types of chairs that are somewhat higher than the seats in general. Therefore, stools are created which are then better known as bar stools as they are placed opposite the bar. In short, the stools are preferred by travelers since they make it easier for them to order drinks repeatedly to the bartender without having to go back and forth from the counter to the table.

There are also many types of stools. Based on the material, some are made entirely of wood, and the others are combinations of wood and other materials, such as iron or synthesis. This object model has also undergone many changes. If in the past it was only shaped like a high chair, this time there is a shape like a high sofa. The occupied part is not only made of wood, but also from fabric and synthetic foam. The material is currently the most widely used. Besides being more comfortable, synthetic materials can also be customized into various forms following the design and theme carried by the bar. That way, the stool will look match to the bar. The use of bar stools today cannot be separated from the bar.

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