Bathroom Vanities Types You Should Know

Bathroom vanities come in many types. If you want to know more about each of them, here is the brief explanation of each type. To begin with, let’s start with the pedestal sink. People also call it as the freestanding sink. It needs only very little space and can fit to any types and sizes of bathroom.

Second, there are free standing vanities. It is a combination of both pedestal sink and vanity. This type can provide you some space to store any items you want. The shape is also unique which can add the aesthetic touch for your bathroom. No wonder that this type is loved by many people and is the most popular vanity among all other types.

Third, there is wall mounted sink. The good point from this bathroom vanities type is that it can save substantial space. Moreover, it also has great durability and vulnerability. In other words, this type will save your money too, as you will not need to replace it in a short time.

Fourth, you can also have the vessel sink and vanity type. If you are looking for a stylish one, this is the right choice to go. However, this type is usually quite expensive and takes up a bit more spaces as well. For another option, there is also under mounted sink. This type can give you classy and contemporary look at the same time. The important thing about this type is, it requires a hard countertop, such as marble. As a result, this choice will end up a little bit costly as well.

For the last bathroom vanities type, there are vanity cabinets. Many people like this one and it sits in the second rank of popularity after the free standing vanities. With this type, you can get a nice look while enjoying the storage offer as well.

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