Decorating Balcony Garden in Limited Space

Balcony becomes suitable place to be transformed into garden. As outdoor section, you can put few pots with plants and flowers. Decorating balcony garden is easy task, but you need to know the basic gardening aspects. Besides, garden in balcony is different from backyard where you can plant directly into soil. This place is part of the house, except the outside area is attached to window.

Before going further, you should understand about balcony. This word refers to few things related to extended part of building. A house might have balcony in upper and lower areas. In upper section, the balcony will be attached to certain room to provide more space. It uses separator like sliding door, including fence as perimeter. That thing makes balcony as enclosed section, but an open area with roof. In apartment, balcony is usually attached on the wall in outer area. It is also a part of indoor section at the upper floor in theater for stage or audiences.

With that definition, you can expect what balcony garden should be. You now have few ideas regarding gardening for balcony section. The simplest one is putting pots for flower and small plants. Put the furniture and flower to change the balcony as garden at the roof with limited space. For experience gardeners, the decoration is not limited to the pots. They can extend to unique way, such as floating pots or shelves attached to the wall. This idea extends garden area without adding more space. In fact, most of balconies are just limited space, and you need to adjust it with everything you have.

Besides flower, some people try to put trees in upper balcony. It sounds impossible because the tree will cover the entire area with leaves and stick. However, advanced gardening gives simple idea to plant trees in enclosed pot. You can allocate the half of balcony garden for this idea, and the rest will be for furniture.

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