Juliet Balcony Definition along with the Pros and Cons

There are so many types of balcony; one of them is Juliet balcony. But, what is it actually? Well, it is a balcony, whose structure is very narrow with vertical metal bars. People often call it as balconet. This type is suitable for the outside of building, placed in front of upstairs of full length window. It can be opened on two parts. In other words, it can be used similar to doors.

Hearing the word Juliet might make you remember a great work of the famous Shakespeare. However, it needs to be cleared out before it takes further misunderstanding. Shakespeare was possibly inspired by many small balconies he saw around Verona. However, the type of balcony in this article is a tourist attraction in Italian City. The fact is, it was added around the 13th century building for hundreds years later.

By having Juliet balcony, you can get some advantages. If you combine it with large doors or windows, this type of balcony can let the air and light in. You will not feel suffocated as well. In addition, it will make your room looks wider and fresher. Moreover, the look of this balcony will also give more fantasy for people who like to do gardening. The unique concept offered is very suitable for window boxes or pots.

On the other hand, there are also some cons coming from this type. The popular opinion goes as having smaller size than a full balcony. Therefore, there is no exact agreement on how big or small it is. The misconception might lead people to install it in incorrect way. Too tiny size will make the balcony look like an excuse for outdoor space only. Meanwhile, Juliet balcony that’s too big might be used wrongly, for example to squeeze chairs or tables.

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