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The Ultimate List of the Best Stone Coffee Table for Any Room Styles

Posted in Furniture - December 20, 2019 - by Rizzo

Usually, a coffee table is utilized as a surface for kicking up your feet and placing beverages, but do you know that there are many other uses than that?

It is so versatile that it provides many functions, and it steadily has become a staple in most living spaces. Place them in front of your couch or sofa to provide you a place where you can display your books, put down your food, store your remote control, and yes, you are also free to decorate it with tons of cute decoration ornaments!

If you’re currently looking for a coffee table that will work well with any room, but are knowing that finding the perfect one is going to be a tough task, don’t sweat it.

We have rounded up the ultimate list you ever need to get inspired, consisting of the best coffee table made from solid stone which is well-known to be the most classic and durable material you can find in nature.

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Solid Metal


Black Soapstone Coffee Table with Metal Base

Should we start the list with a classic piece of furniture that goes timeless beyond the resurfacing trends, it shall be the coffee stone with black polished soapstone top and metal base in an identical hue.

Due to its rather lofty yet slim figure, the coffee table is perfect to be placed in the heart of your airy living room to be the main focal point of your space. Other than serving an elegance aesthetic, it also provides double storage room for whatever you desire to keep in it.

Contemporary Double Deck

Contemporary Double Deck Solid Stone Coffee Table

If you’re looking for a coffee table which offers a contemporary look, we’d like to recommend you this clean dinette with streamlined limestone top that might be magnificent to use in a space where your eyes are craving for a more simplistic and unornamented feature in a room brimming with striking colors and overflowing patterns.

It won’t stuffed your small space or “harm” the room’s overall coherence while it is being placed next to the other decorations.

Glass Top Marble Base

Contemporary Stone Coffee Table with Glass Top and Marble Base

The combination of glass and marble of this coffee table might leave you the impression of heftiness, but that is nothing to be worried as it can be compensated through the hint of grace it displays.

To achieve a complete elegant ‘marbleous’ trend look in your living space, we encourage you setting down decorative elements and a pot loaded with radiant flowers.

Retro Inspired Coffee Table

Retro Inspired Stone Coffee Table

We also put in a good word for this low coffee table inspired from retro aesthetic that comprises a delicate-toned top, vintage-styled legs and a bottom shelf for those hunting for a nostalgic ’70s look.

We love that the table top is carved into sleek curves plus the extra storage room at the lower part is ideal for setting down books and magazines or small containers for your keepsakes.

Four-Legged Round

Mid Century Modern Stone Coffee Table - Four Legged Round White Marble Top

We won’t leave this low coffee table out of our checklist for this round, minimalist design offers a slimline silhouette which will give you the nod to take bold and brave decision with your other decors.

Nothing blows us away but its glossy and sleek finish of a well-polished white marble top. Its gauzy yet sturdy legs add the finishing touch to the whole simplistic beauty.

Elevated Centerpiece

Elevated Top Solid Stone Coffee Table

For a more vintage, retrogressive alternative, we suggest you to have a go for this oval, granite-topped table that features an elevated design (all that preferable for putting up your feet or placing your beverages, books, drinks, magazines or fresh flowers) and grandeur profile.

We consider this low coffee table offers possible variety of decoration schemes, from the old-fashioned retro to the heavy and huge Medieval style.

Blocky Option

Solid Stone Coffee Table - Blocky Option

For those whose liking is more inclined to the naturalism furniture, we speak in favor of this hand carved coffee table made from a solid natural stone.

We love its raw finishing touch that reminds us of Neolithic time period’s antics (displayed as how it is to exude natural charm) and the simplicity that can only be found of its era.

Farmhouse Coffee Table

Farmhouse Stone Coffee Table - Lily Coffee Table with Marble Top

Should we mention an item from this list that captivates the hearts of farmhouse design enthusiast we will recommend this coffee table inspired by the charming, cozy farmhouse look. The board marble top pairs with cross wooden legs that looks like it comes out from a beautiful country house.

We are in love with its versatility (i.e. bridging a balance between classic and modernity) and you shall agree considering its gently distinguished tone of marble matches well with a light-toned, traditional pieces of wood.

Marble in Disguise

Stone Coffee Table - Marble in Disguise

Don’t let this piece of decoration fool you. Although it looks like wood, it is actually made from solid natural stone.

Bringing up a simple stone coffee table that resembles a wooden furniture can add comfort and homeliness to a room that is loaded up with nothing but the dreariness of plain white walls.

The brown color palette grounds all the white and makes the room seems like the zing has just sprinkled into it.

Stone Tiles Top

Stone Coffee Table - Natural Stone Tiles Top with Metal Base

For an authentic Mexican look, we favor brownish color palette, and we will recommend this coffee table with brown stone tile top that works perfectly all the time.

The streamlined and thin board of stone tiles gives a clean and slim vibe, while the four minimalist metal frames provide a modern aesthetic.

You are more than allowed to stylize the decoration of your stone-tiled coffee table – and level up the game – by setting up a tray to keep your knickkacks in place and a vase of fresh flowers.

The Beauty of Mideast

Stone Coffee Table - Mideast Style

If you are currently in a phase where you develop an undying love for minimalism but you also like to go bold creating big statement in your living space, we recommend you this petite rectangular coffee table that mixes a speckled top made from fossil stone with a curvy delicate base. Inquisite decoration for someone who gets inspiration from Middle East style.

Low and Solid

Stone Coffee Table - Low and Solid

Among many home decor enthusiasts, marble-topped furniture have become a popular item, and this low coffee table made from clean-cut solid natural stone is a convincing choice.

It’s exceptionally ideal for an airy living space because of its capacious proportions, there are lots of room where you can display your desirable knickknacks (or simply kicking out your feet on the surface!). We especially love the dimensions of the solid marble block and low legs profile.

Pieces of Nature

Stone Coffee Table - Raw Marble Stone

What’s more captivating than a piece of decoration element taken right from Mother Nature? The raw material of unfinished marble stone helped creating an unsophisticated but refined look of your living room, or you can also place it in your patio if you desire for enjoying your drinks and beverages in a fresh open-space. The polished and sharp-edged raw marble top provides an ultra stylish feature.

Choppery Medieval

Stone Coffee Table - Rustic Medieval Portable

classic industrial stone coffee table with rusty metal roller base

If you are going with the “basic Middle Age” vibe, you will love our recommendation of this rustic coffee table. We call it as “one of the most Medieval-looking table of the year” for its rustic tarnished industrial look and, as you would expect, its charming unpolished soapstone top. You can get different shades for the soapstone top, if it makes you happy.

Marble Top and Reclaimed Wood Base

Stone Coffee Table - Rustic Style with Wood Base

It’s another piece of furniture that emphasizes the key features of the renowned farmhouse design that will get you head over heels.

If you have always been devoted to a classic farmhouse style, we recommend this splendid rectangular, marble-topped and rustic wooden frames coffee table.

A side note to this furnishing that you have to keep tabs is that its crossed legs and thin slab of the marble top are extra alluring. We love how cozy and warm it looks.

Glass and Class

Stone Coffee Table - Seagull Shaped Stone and Glass Top

For a modern twist, try this glass-topped coffee table.

We describe it as “traditional looking centerpiece with a refreshing kick” and like its clear and thick glass top and and elemental raw stone base shaped like a seagull, adding that its classy and graceful frame would fit better in a space with comparable vibe.

It’s classic yet astonishing focal point is a heartening sight to lay your eyes on.

Mighty Tavolino

Stone Coffee Table - Tavolino Stones Oval White Agata

If you’re not on a tight budget – and limited space – you might as well go big with this voluminous coffee table. We recommend this solid coffee table, which is made from a piece of massive tavolino stone with agata, that are great for placing various items when you are enjoying the delightful coffee or teatime. The smooth edges of the oval shaped top gives the impression of an upscale look.

Marble Slab Coffee Table

Stone Coffee Table - Marble Slab

We endorse this classic rectangular white marble coffee table for being a design chameleon that can easily be adjusted to fit variety of aesthetics and styles.

A polished and smooth white marble slab that doubles as both top and base gives the table a modern vibe that surprisingly still feels comfy and homely.

Its low figure is excellent to be combined with upholstered couch.

Contemporary Nature

Stone Coffee Table - White River Stone

Another coffee table with a solid base that feels just the very same hefty to the tavolino and marble slab coffee tables above.

We recommend this for those who wants to decorate their space-limited house or studio apartment and make it as a staple.

We treasure the solidified presence that the fortress-like river stone displays as well as its classic yet high-end curved feature.

Athens Antics

Stone Coffee Table - White Round Marble Top Athens Antics

If you want an extra Grecian touch to your living space, try this one.

We love the dignified finish as a twist from a more typical marble-topped coffee table, and we are of the same opinion that it would grace any room of your house, from seating area to working space.

In general, the scale of the petite coffee table is favorable to be put in a cramped space. The Athena sculptures at the base are pretty much Old Age, if you’re looking for that vintage vibe.

T-Shaped Frame

T-Shaped Stone Coffee Table

The last but not the least of our well-rounded listicle of inspiring stone coffee table would be this indoor-outdoor table made from solid river stone whose design is inspired from the Western style.

We love its excellent size for throwing an afternoon party or a casual relaxing teatime. Plus, it would look great in any seating area of your house.

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