The Analogue Style Alarm Clocks

Currently, digital clocks are leading the market. They display the time straightforwardly and tend to be equipped with various modern adjustments. However, some people still opt for the analogue alarm clocks when it comes to reminding them about important activities, such as waking up in the morning. Analogue clocks are known to be more reliable and hardy if compared to the digital ones. These examples of analogue clocks prove that notion really well.

The first one definitely looks like a classic clock that you have seen before. It has a moving hammer that’s situated in the middle of two bell pieces. When the timer goes off, this hammer will move fast and create that traditional bell ringing sound. There is a metal handle painted gold on top to make moving this clock easier as well as two golden legs.

Although some alarm clocks still opt for analogue design, it does not mean that they do not incorporate modern technology in their system. This clock is a great example for that. It displays the time in the traditional way. The ringing comes within this clock’s body instead of the bell and forms crescendo pattern. A breakthrough technology used in this clock is snooze mode that can be activated by user’s voice.

There is another example of analogue clock that takes on modern approach. This clock comes in tumbler shape. It does not have practical purpose in the bedroom. The clock’s unique shape also improves your room’s aesthetic value. Its white color gives futuristic vibe to this analogue clock. Snooze mode can be activated by turning this clock upside down.

Some analogue alarm clocks also utilize natural ingredients like woods in their bodies. This particular example has round shape. The time display is surrounded by smooth finished wood. It looks sturdy and certainly reliable for years of usage.

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