The Common Types of Basement Finishing

For your information, there are three types of basement finishing. Consequently, they are finished basement, unfinished basement, and partially finished basement. If you are still not sure about which types of finishing to choose, just read all these brief explanation.

First, let’s begin with the finished basement. This type is for basements that are completely habitable. The basement can be used as recreational or living room. Moreover, you can also use it as an office, gym, or game room. Finished basement does not need complete redesign. You can simply paint it in fresh colors; add rugs and lighting fixture to make your basement livelier.

In addition, the second basement finishing is unfinished one. It is the most common type in the United States. In this type, there are common appliances to find as well. Those appliances are a work bench, water heater, pipes (which are running down the floor and along the ceiling), a washer or dryer, a refrigerator, and boxes of items filled with unwanted things in the house. In short, this type of basement acts as storage for household items. This type has the most functional in purpose. Moreover, you do not need to worry for the sawdust or any material cluttering on the floor.

Last, there is partially finished basement. This is also called as the half-finished basement. This type of room is often used by children or teenager. Even so, some families also use it as a work area. This type usually has shower and toilets inside. The difference between this type and the finished basement is that this one is entirely modified.

Well, those are all the explanation about the types of basement.  Hopefully, the information in this article can help you in choosing the right option of basement finishing for the basement in your house.

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