The Features Offered by iHome Alarm Clock

Alarm, clock, speaker, and Bluetooth in one product are what you see on iHome alarm clock. This product has several models, variations, and design. They have features as extended device to smartphone. You just connect it via wireless or Bluetooth then adjust it to set the alarm, clock, or enjoying audio from speaker.

The basic features are the clock and speaker. It is specifically designed with display clock and clear LED light. You can see what time today in different mode. Digital style is standard for most products, but you can change it into certain style. The clock comes alongside the other features, such as alarm and time counter. Moreover, it uses remote control to set the alarm into various setting. The features related to alarms are snooze mode, sleep timer, and 2 alarm timers. Those are still basic, and there is more setting that you can do using remote control.

Beside clock, the speaker is top feature with multi functions. You can plug it into power source and listen to the radio directly from your areas. The signal receiver will manage to handle radio configuration and all controls are from the remote. Bluetooth and wireless are ready to connect into external devices, such as smartphone, even PC. Well, iHome alarm clock can receive audio streaming via aux-line connector as well. The features related to audio are richer bass, treble control, loudness control, stereo mode, and headphone. The latter is used usually when you want to listen to the radio or audio via headphone gear.

The device also incorporates integrated functions. The clock, alarm, and speaker can be in one setting. Using remote control, you can adjust the clock and alarm. It will use audio using speaker. Well, it creates smooth sound when starting to wake up your sleep. Manufacturer provides manual book to support the setting, maintenance, and adjusting all features. That’s what you know about iHome alarm clock.

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