The Fixed and Movable Bar tables Pros and Cons

Bar tables comes in many types. To ease you in choosing the one to pick, here is a little explanation about it. In this occasion, this article will narrow the topic on the fixed table and the movable table. These two types are chosen as they gain popularity from time to time. To make sure that you are not choosing the wrong type for your need, get all the information in this article and do not stop to read this discussion.

When you think about it in a short time, you may feel that the moveable bar tables is the best choice, as it can offer you great flexibility. With it, you can change the arrangement of the seating easily. As a result, opening a dance floor or making group tables for large party will be such a piece of cake. However, you need to know that there are some drawbacks from moveable table set. The most obvious one is that moveable table is less stable. Hence, it has more frequency of breakage or spillage than the fixed table. Second, the ease of changing or moving the tables can be used by clients to fit any kinds of their needs. As a result, the action may block aisles and make you difficult in serving or getting through.

On the pros side, the fixed tables tend to be more stable and have great durability, even though you cannot move it easily, you are still able to use some spaces. As an example, if your bar has poles interspersed all the way through the area, you can install tall wrap around your tables. Therefore, you can turn the drawbacks of fixed table into an advantage. Moreover, fixed table is loved specially for small groups or couples. Therefore, installing this type of bar tables will invite your small group or couple customers.

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