The Types of Basement that Mostly Applied

Many people think that basement is an important part of the house. If you think the same way, then first you need to know the type of basements, so you will not built wrong choice for your home. In short, here is the explanation for each type.

First, there is crawl space type. It is suitable for houses which can provide enough room underneath, even though it could not allow people to stand up, just like the name. This type is suitable for you who want to get access to know better the plumbing pipes or any other utilities installed in home. On the contrary, there is full type. It is so high that you can even stand when you are inside the room. Not only the height, but also how far this room can extend is what makes this full type different with any other type. In short, this type has about the same size of the main floor of a house.

Third, there is part basement. This type is suitable for houses, which do not want to have extending room under the entire part of the house. This type usually comes as the result of certain situations, which makes the house really need to give a little addition of its part. When a house does not need any, then it can go with the ‘none’ type. As the name suggests, there will be no addition or extension of room underneath.

Fourth, there is walkout type. It is always built into a hill as the design is reserved for walking, just like the name. However, in certain conditions, the designer will only build an artificial hill to fill the condition. Last, there is also walk up type. It is similar to the previous type, but turned around. However, this type of basement is not popular and many people think it is not really necessary to have this kind of room underneath the house.

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