Understanding Apartment and Few Related Things

The term apartment has several definitions, but they are related each other, even interchangeable. In general, it refers to contained area in building for housing. In simple explanation, this building has few floors and each of them consists of self-contained section. In North America, people call apartments with various sizes, designs, or room configurations. In UK, flat is common term that refers to the same thing. Few countries also use unit for the flat and condominium.

Unless residential or urban house, people live in the apartments located in specific building. It past time, this kind of building only had few floors because the demand for housing was not as high as today. On the other hand, living in flat or apartments was only for high profile and rich people. Today, this building has many floors, even more than 50 that look extremely high from the ground. To overcome housing issue, government also relies on high-rise building specifically for living area. People with low income can rent and live without much worry.

The apartment has various sizes in term of space and location. The smallest one is called studio because it resembles the space for studio activity. It is single room for everything, such as living room, bedroom, dining room, and kitchen. The bathroom is separated and usually it includes kitchen for additional space. This kind of apartments is suitable for students, non-marital person, and low-income family. The next types are mostly apartments with one, two, and more bedroom. You can even have full area in single floor that’s designed to be a complete home.

Each country has its own regulation regarding apartment. For government-owned property, housing will follow the strict rule, including how to pay the rent regularly. Private owners are usually called landlords where they own the building and rent it to others. You can own it, but you should still pay the maintenance and other fees monthly.

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