Understanding the Bar Height Table and Its Types

If you visit a bar or pub, you will sit in the table with height tabletop. When sitting, your feet is hanging, not touching the floor. This kind of table is mostly called as bar height table. The height is about 42 inch, and the stool is approximately 30 inch. It is rare to find this table at home since most people feel uncomfortable when eating without touching the ground.


At store, you will see tons of design from simple to fancy products. Each has similarities regarding the height and table size. However, customers might be confused between standard dining table counter height, and the bar table. They look similar particularly the counter and bar table. Well, at kitchen, dining table has regular height where you can pull the chairs easily, and no hanging feet while sitting. It is friendly design for disability. On the other hand, the counter height table has relatively height of 36 inch. The design looks exactly similar to bar height table, but it is lower. In fact, both tables can be interchangeable each other and only experienced people can see the difference.

Regarding the design, it is mostly for bar with long tabletop. Customers can sit on one side, and the serving is prepared in front of them. This arrangement creates standard design for bar table. Extended countertop will give extra space at below section to move around your stool. The table is for casual situation which means mostly not much people gather around. On the other side, it is quite rare to arrange the bar table with stools in every side.

For material, wood and metal are the top choices due to easy to modify into complex style. Bar height table looks elegant with wooden touch, especially when the bar has specific theme. On the other side, metal is alternative to reduce the budget. After the table is done, make sure you pick the right stools or chairs.

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